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The telephone continues to be one of the most important methods for business organisations to communicate with their customers and suppliers. Effective call handling and management is often critical to business success.

Historically, statistics showing long wait times to get through to an organisation were the only indicator of poor customer service. Nowadays, using non geographic numbers, there is a wide range of sophisticated network based features to improve call handling and enhance your customer experience.

Network based call recording is easy to use and affordable. It provides a permanent record of telephone conversations that can be used for many purposes, such as; staff training, marketing analysis, measuring and monitoring customer service and dispute resolution. Call recording is an invaluable tool for large and small businesses alike.

A wide range of sophisticated network based programming options is available to complement your call handling. Our services, provided by Cable and Wireless PLC and Kingston Communications PLC, offer; network based Call Recording, numerous routing options, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Call Whisper and a wide selection of call statistics.

Whilst these functions can be achieved using many of the telephone systems available today, the complex hardware required on site can be costly. In addition to initial capital expenditure, further investment in software upgrades and maintenance contracts is also required. Specialised engineers are required for installation, programming, maintenance and changes. Locating the equipment on site carries security, and sometimes, space issues.

By contrast, network based functions using non geographic numbers are low cost and simple to use. All programming, software enhancement and maintenance is at no additional cost to your company and is taken care of by your service provider.

To demonstrate the added value of using key applications from our feature rich, network based NGN services, we have included some case studies below:

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