Tier 1 Network Providers

Independent Telecommunications Consultants Ltd only supply services from UK 'Tier One Network' providers.

This policy ensures that our client's telephone calls are never compromised on quality or reliability. When the success of your business is dependent on your communications infrastructure, a 'Tier One Network' provider is a necessity.

ITC Ltd has chosen to offer services from Cable & Wireless and Kingston Communications networks, both of whom have an established network heritage. There are approximately 122 landline networks available, but most do not have the resilience, capacity or engineering support of these ‘Tier One’ network providers.

What is a Tier One Network?

ITC Ltd differentiates between 'Tier One Networks' and 'Tier Two Networks' as follows:

'Tier One Networks' have their own national transmission network, based on an extensive switch and fibre- optic infrastructure. With a minimum of 10 switching platforms around the UK, this greatly enhances the quality and reliability of your telephone calls and dramatically increases the number of simultaneous calls that can be carried on the network.

'Tier One Networks' do not 're-file' calls (route UK mobile calls via Europe) or compress calls (sending many calls down the same line). Whilst routing UK mobile calls via Europe and compressing calls produces small cost savings, they are at the expense of call quality and call reliability.

'Tier One Networks' have an 'Intelligent Network', whereby telephone calls can be multi-routed. So if your call fails to get through one-way, it can be re-routed so that it gets through using an alternative route.

'Tier One Networks' have BABT approved billing platforms. This ensures that your invoices are audited correctly.

'Tier One Networks' provide telecommunication networks that are on a par with BT, yet can provide your company with greater cost savings. With our purchasing power; we can provide telephone call tariffs, which are more competitive than if you go directly to the network providers.

Quality Call Delivery

  • Tier One reliability
  • No compression
  • Diverse routing

Responsive Customer Services

  • 24 hour fault reporting and rectification
  • 15 minute updates in event of faults
  • 4 hour new number provisioning
  • Service level agreement

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Please Note - To ensure ITC provide our valued customers with the highest levels of service our minimum call threshold per client is 5,000 call minutes per month.

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