2 - Itemised Call Statistics - Quality Management

A well known mail order clothing firm has a large, in-house call centre to process many of their orders. A key component of their quality management system is the call statistics received for all incoming calls. They advertise only non geographic numbers and receive itemised call statistics for all customer calls

Each morning an itemised report of the previous day's calls is emailed through to the Call Centre Manager. The daily itemised call report shows:

  • The full telephone number of each caller*
  • The precise time of each call (to the second)
  • The ringing duration of each call (to 100th of a second) before answer
  • The call duration (to 100th of a second)
  • Whether the call was successful, unsuccessful or received an engaged tone.

This report can be fed directly into the call centre customer database. An accurate measurement of customer service can be obtained through the analysis of the call statistics. From these reports the manager can assess performance, key areas such as: calls answered, answer time, calls missed, calls receiving engaged tone and those whose call was unsuccessful but did not call back.

This detailed information can assist them to redistribute resource where necessary, identify possible staff training issues and even identify potential new clients to call back.

*Please note - To receive the callers telephone number, it is mandatory to complete a data protection form.

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