Come to ITC for your outbound calls

Come to ITC to benefit from our unique approach - a choice of 3 tier 1 network suppliers providing the highest call quality and resilience for your call services, but offering your business the advantages of; a consistent account team, a flexible contract and one bill for all outbound calls.

Best current rates

Having three Tier one suppliers means that ITC can offer your business the best rates at all times. The call rates are regularly reviewed by your account team meaning that you continue to benefit from the best current rates available.

One Bill

We produce a single bill for all of your outbound calls irrespective of whether they are routed over 1, 2 or all 3 of our networks.

No Long term contracts

ITC will not tie you in to a long term contract. These contracts are often not beneficial for the customer for the entire term of the agreement. For example, a competitive rate is often offered initially in return for a long term commitment. However, the general rates for calls may come down over time, making the fixed contract rates uncompetitive.

Regular reviews

Our regular rate reviews ensure that we continue to offer the most competitive outbound call rates. Our Account Team ensures that our customers benefit from these rates by conducting regular proactive reviews. Our minimum contract term is just one month. This means that our services can be taken for a trial period, to assess at no risk and without a long term commitment.


We believe that our competitive rates, excellent customer service and regular reviews are what our customers really want. ITCs flexible and customer friendly service promotes customer commitment.

Quality and reliability

Using 3 service providers means that we offer a very high standard of quality and resilience. In the unlikely event of a network failure, calls can be instantaneously routed to another network.

Disaster recovery

The option of a dual or even triple supplier agreement with ITC can also be an integral part of your Disaster Recovery plan. It is quick and easy to re-route calls between our service providers in the unlikely event of a network issue. To summarise the benefits:

  • Best call rates
  • No long term contracts
  • Regular reviews
  • Flexible - dual or triple supplier agreement.
  • High standards of quality and resilience
  • Backup -Disaster recovery

Find out how much we can save you today - How to get started:

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If you would like one of our telecommunications consultants to contact you for further advice, please email with your details.

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Please Note - To ensure ITC provide our valued customers with the highest levels of service our minimum call threshold per client is 5,000 call minutes per month.

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