Choosing a Network Provider

In the UK there are approximately 122 authorised landline network providers who own their own telephone number ranges.

These range from large, corporate organisations such as Kingston Communications, which was formed over a hundred years ago to the new start-up telecommunications companies.

At ITC Ltd we understand that the telecommunications infrastructure of a business is integral to its success. As such we only supply services from ‘Tier 1 network’ providers such as Cable and Wireless and Kingston Communications – giving you peace of mind. By solely partnering first class, well established network providers, we guarantee competitive tariffs, without compromising call quality or resilience.

Why choose Cable and Wireless?

More and more of the world's leading companies choose Cable & Wireless to transform their communications and computing infrastructures. Here are the reasons:

An established international heritage
Over 130 years of regional and international experience in the telecommunications marketplace in Europe, Asia and the US.

A strong reputation
A FTSE-100 company, they have a proven track record in delivering voice, data and IP solutions to businesses.

A world-class customer base
Over two-thirds of companies in the Fortune 500 use Cable & Wireless.

Advanced solutions
Industry-leading voice, data and IP solutions are delivered to customers in 80 countries, and are underpinned by their extensive international networks.

World-class performance
Network World recently ranked Cable & Wireless as having a top performing ISP network backbone delivering 'picture-perfect availability' with zero downtime and perfect uptime.

Cable & Wireless is a leading international telecommunications company, with customers in 80 countries. For 130 years it has constantly reinvented itself to embrace the latest technological advances to serve its customers' needs. Cable & Wireless provides IP (Internet Protocol), voice and data services to business customers, and to residential customers through Bulldog our residential broadband provider, as well as services to other telecoms carriers, mobile operators and providers of content, applications and internet services

Cable & Wireless is one of the world's leading international communications companies. It operates through two standalone business units - International and UK.

The International business unit operates integrated telecommunications companies in 34 countries offering mobile, broadband, domestic and international fixed line services to residential and business customers, with principal operations in the Caribbean, Panama, Macau, Monaco and the Channel Islands.

The UK business unit provides enterprise and carrier solutions to the largest users of telecoms services across the UK, US, continental Europe and Asia, and wholesale broadband services in the UK.

Why choose Kingston Communications?

Kingston Communications has been around for over a century (from 1904), wholly owned by the local authority right up until 1999's flotation.

Kingston Communications is a leading provider of communications solutions to businesses and public sector organisations throughout the UK.

The Kingston Group includes Affiniti, the communications integrator created from the coming together of Kingston Communications’ Business Services division, Omnetica and Technica in 2005. Affiniti provides secure voice, data, video, mobile, wireless and storage solutions that enable businesses to exploit the opportunities that come with converged communications.

Kingston’s national capabilities have been built on its strong foundations within East Yorkshire, where the company has been providing leading edge services to residential and business customers for over 100 years and where it has been a pioneer in the use of ADSL technology.

The Kingston Group also includes Eclipse Internet, an established and growing broadband ISP that delivers internet connectivity and services to businesses and consumers throughout the UK.

The alternative service providers

There are approximately 122 landline telephone companies who have been allocated telephone numbers by Ofcom many of them under 10 years old. The differences in using a small, low cost network provider in terms of network capacity, reliability, infrastructure and service back up can be huge.

The risks associated with this option are that these companies often have little or no network resilience, and few engineers or technical staff to assist should problems occur. Any failure in service will be serious and could take some time to resolve.

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