How to get started

Initial meeting

One of our experienced Account Managers will meet with you to prepare a detailed proposal tailored to your business and its specific profile. At our initial fact finding meeting we will discuss your requirements, carry out a survey of your current telecommunications services and ask to see recent telephone bills.

This process has several benefits; it provides a true picture of your telecommunications usage, often lines or services are identified that are no longer required meaning further cost savings. Pooling the total call spend for all lines, and across all sites, means that you can benefit from the best possible rate from ITC. Our proposal can clearly show the savings you will make against your current bills (not headline rates).

  • Understand your specific requirements
  • Assess current communications profile
  • Identify obsolete services or services that are no longer required.
  • Provide a proposal offering the best possible package for your needs.

Our Proposal

Following our meeting, a detailed proposal tailored to your specific requirements is prepared by your Account Manager. Based on the billing information provided and our assessment of your needs, our proposal will clearly demonstrate the potential cost savings and service improvements that you can make.

  • Clear and easy to read
  • Comparison
  • Detailed breakdown

What happens next?

Once you have had time to look at our proposal your Account Manager will be available to review with you, and discuss further. When you are happy to proceed, we will ask you to sign a contract confirming your intention. This contract confirms that ITC will provide your outbound call service and guarantees the rates quoted - ITC do not have long term contracts - please note that you are not committed for a fixed term.

  • Receive proposal
  • Review meeting
  • Sign contract to confirm intention and agree rates
  • No fixed term commitment

Service Provision

Service provision is quick and simple as connection and routing is all network based and carried out remotely. ITC will handle the whole process for you, end to end. No engineering resource or site visit is required.

The entire process can be completed in as little as 14-21 days. Why not give us a call today to see how much we can save you

Competitive rates

ITC have three tier 1 partner networks. We have regular rate reviews with each, ensuring that we continue to offer the best current rates. Our Account Team ensures that our customers benefit from these rates by conducting regular Account Management meetings.

In addition, ITC bill on a per second basis, with a minimum call charge of just 1p helping your business maximise call savings.

No hidden charges

It is often difficult to compare the call rates and service offerings of different service providers. Packages are presented in various ways, often providing a misleading impression of the true call costs.

For example, one provider advertises call charges at 2.5 pence per minute, but has a minimum call charge of 6p. This means that even the shortest call, including those where voicemail is received will cost 6 pence. The industry average call time is 1.5 minutes. ITC has no call set up or connection charges and has a minimum call charge of just 1p. Depending on your call volumes and specific tariff, an average length call (1.5 minutes) with ITC will cost around just 2 pence - that's a saving of 4 pence per call!

Another major service provider quotes that calls are capped, at 10p. A call connection or minimum call fee (2P) applies, as do per minute call charges (3.5P). In this example, a call costs a minimum of 5.5p. An average call would cost up to 9p with this provider compared with around 2 pence with ITC- a saving of up to 7p per call!

  • no call set up charge
  • no connection charge
  • min call charge only 1p

No long term contract commitment

ITC will not tie you in to a long term contract. These contracts are often not beneficial for the customer for the entire term of the agreement. For example, a competitive rate is often offered initially in return for a long term commitment. However, the general rates for calls may come down over time, making the fixed contract rates uncompetitive.

ITC have three tier 1 partner networks. We have regular rate reviews with each, ensuring that we continue to offer the most competitive outbound call rates. Our Account Team ensures that our customers benefit from these rates by conducting regular proactive reviews. Our minimum contract term is just one month. This means that our services can be taken for a trial period, to assess at no risk and without a long term commitment.

We believe that our competitive rates, excellent customer service and regular reviews are what our customers really want. ITCs flexible and customer friendly service ensures customer commitment.

Service Resilience

ITC has three Tier 1 partner networks all offering the highest levels of service and resilience and excellent value for money. Our calls are not compressed and so offer the highest quality.

ITC offer the facility of having a dual service set up within your contract. This offers a further level of resilience for call routing. In the unlikely event of a network fault, calls can be automatically diverted to the secondary network. Your calls will be routed seamlessly, without degradation or interruption to your service.

Proactive fraud monitoring

ITC have a Fraud Monitoring service offered free of charge for all of our outbound customers. We proactively monitor call patterns and highlight unusual calls. These calls may be: calls of an unusually long duration, international calls out of hours or at weekends or long calls to premium rate numbers. The details of the call, including: originating number, date, time of day, duration and number and country called are emailed to the customer contact for information. This service has been invaluable to our clients on a number of occasions, identifying issues such as excessive use of the telephone out of office hours by contract staff, technical problems resulting in misrouted calls and staff making inappropriate calls.


ITC is rightly proud of its billing platform for outbound services. We offer per second billing, ensuring that you only pay for the exact length of your call. Our bills have no minimum threshold for itemisation- all outbound calls are itemised and listed. The bills are sent electronically in an easy to use and flexible Excel format. This means that the information can be used in any way you wish, for example: - imported into in-house spreadsheets, sorted by different categories, date, length of call, destination etc.

  • per second billing
  • itemised bills showing all calls
  • available in Excel format for ease of use and flexibility

Account management

ITC provides excellent customer service and account management. Our UK based sales and service team consists of; office based customer service and sales personnel and a field based team of Account Managers. We respond quickly to customer enquiries or requirements and are committed to resolve any issues as soon as possible.

Our field based Account Managers are highly customer focussed and aim to meet with our clients at least four times per year. This helps to gain an understanding of the organisation concerned. Our team also conduct regular rate reviews to ensure that each customer benefits from the most competitive rates or call package.

  • UK based team
  • Fast and responsive
  • regular updates and account reviews
  • proactive rate reviews

Case Studies

  • Call savings 1

One of ITCs customers, a Land sales company, generates a high level of outbound calls from its sales team. Due to the nature of the business, many of these calls are speculative and therefore of a short duration. Whilst with BT, the company found that even calls of a few seconds duration were costing 6p (BTs minimum call charge). Upon moving to ITC, with our competitive rates and minimum call charge of just 1p, the company has realised a reduction of around 40% for their call charges.

  • Call savings 2

Another ITC customer, a charity, conducts much of its fund raising via the telephone. Because many of the calls are short and unproductive, ITCs per second billing, low rates and minimum call charge of just 1p have meant significant cost savings.

  • Call savings and high quality service

A company of Independent Financial Advisors is a relatively new customer of ITC. Their company ethos is using the best value services. They changed service provider 3 years ago from BT to a small reseller for greatly reduced call rates. They were pleased initially to be saving money, but a major service issue was uncovered. 1 in every 4 calls was failing to reach them.

In the course of searching for a new service provider they contacted ITC. A combination of ITCs selection of Tier one service providers, excellent rates, flexible contracts and customer service persuaded the company to move all outbound services to ITC. They have been delighted with the level of service and call rates since.

  • Dual supplier

To offer one of our customers, an educational organisation, the best available call rates, ITC came up with an innovative solution. The customer has an even spread of local, national and international calls and was keen to contain his call costs. Our solution routed local and national calls through one of our Tier 1 service provider and international calls through another.

  • Fraud monitoring 1

ITCs Fraud Monitoring service recently helped one of our customers identify a technical issue at their site. The customer, an animal charity operating on a tight budget and staffed mainly by volunteers, had recently installed broadband to replace their dial up internet service. They had been advised by their engineers that all internet connection was now via broadband. Over the following couple of weeks, our monitoring service identified numerous very long calls to an 0845 number. This was reported each time to the customer via our fraud reports. Upon investigation, the customer discovered that calls were still routing via dial up lines due to a programming error. This has now been rectified with the company concerned and calls are now routing correctly.

  • Fraud monitoring 2

ITCs Fraud Monitoring service recently enabled one of our customers to identify international calls made by contract staff out of hours. The customer, a small call centre sales company made a certain number of international calls during normal business operations so had noticed nothing unusual. However, ITCs fraud monitoring service identified a number of long international calls during the evening. These calls were highlighted and sent to the customer via our email reports. Upon investigation by the customer it was found that the calls had been made by evening cleaning staff in the office. All staff in the office are now aware of the fraud monitoring service and the calls have stopped.

  • Fraud monitoring 3

ITC were recently able to help one of our customers identify issues where staff members had called premium rate numbers. A sales and service office for an internet sales company, the organisation had a large number of part time staff. ITCs fraud monitoring service identified a number of calls to premium rate numbers. These calls were then highlighted to the company via our email reports. This enabled the customer to take appropriate action with the staff members concerned, but also to implement further safeguards by using a call barring service for premium rate numbers.

Please contact our sales team for further details of our tailored packages on 0330 333 02 01.

If you would like one of our telecommunications consultants to contact you for further advice, please email with your details.

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