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A Sportswear company added an internet arm to its business, opening a third site (at a remote location), in addition to its existing two high street retail branches. Two 0844 numbers were provided to receive customer orders. The MD of the company devoted much of his time to the launch and start up phase of the internet venture. Once this was completed successfully and this area of the business was performing well, the MD was keen to take a step back and divide his time more equally amongst all areas of the business. Through the use of network based call recording and detailed call statistics he was able to do just that.

To ensure close monitoring of the new business area, weekly call statistics were emailed to both the MD and the Internet Sales Manager. The addition of network based call recording on the 0844 numbers meant that a record of all calls was available via email. It was agreed that the Sales Manager would receive an email of all calls, and one in six would also be emailed to the MD. This has meant that the MD feels that he is still able to keep a close eye on this area of the business without detracting from other areas.

The call statistics provide a clear overall summary of: call volumes, missed or engaged calls, time of day, day of the week of calls in addition to call duration. Call recording allows a detailed assessment of sales and customer services techniques. This information has many uses, including: Ensuring calls are handled appropriately, identifying staff training needs, understanding customer requirements, dispute resolution and customer service.

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