Porting - Move your 08 number to ITC

What is Porting?

Number porting is simply the process of transferring your non- geographic phone number from your existing supplier to another. Porting means you can retain your existing non-geographic phone numbers, removing the cost and inconvenience of advertising a new number, changing literature, business cards or signage.

Porting is available on all non geographic ranges, such as: 0844, 0845, 0870, 0871, 0800 etc.

Organisations may choose to port their numbers for a variety of different reasons;

  • Reduce your bills. The most common reason to move to an alternative supplier is to reduce your costs, either call charges or rentals.
  • Customer service. Many organisations become dissatisfied with the service received over a period of time and choose to move their business to an alternative supplier. Porting allows you to do this with no disruption to your service.
  • Improved functionality.
  • Billing. Improved visibility, reports and statistics.

Why should I port my numbers to ITC?

ITC are well regarded, independent specialists in the inbound call handling market in the UK.

  • Save money - low rates and no connection or rental charges

Benefit now from ITCs highly competitive rates. We do not charge connection or rental fees. ITC have three tier 1 partner networks. We have regular rate reviews with each, ensuring that we continue to offer the most competitive call rates. Our Account Team ensures that our customers benefit from these rates by conducting regular proactive reviews. Our minimum contract term is just one month. This means that our services can be taken for a trial period, to assess at no risk and without a long term commitment.

  • Comprehensive range of porting agreements.

ITC has one of the widest ranges of porting agreements in the UK, including;


Cable and Wireless


Eircom UK

Equant/Global One

Esat BT Ireland


Global One

Kingston (TORCH)


NTL (Virgin Media)








Your Communications

  • Customer service - Dedicated team.

ITC provides excellent customer service and account management. Our UK based sales and service team consists of; office based customer service and sales personnel and a field based team of Account Managers. We respond quickly to customer enquiries or requirements and are committed to resolve any issues as soon as possible.

Our field based Account Managers are highly customer focussed and aim to meet with our clients on a regular basis. Our team also conduct regular rate reviews to ensure that each customer benefits from the most competitive rates or call package.

  • Billing - reports.

ITC is rightly proud of its billing platform for NGN services. We offer per second billing, ensuring that you only pay for the exact length of your call. Our bills have no minimum threshold for itemisation- all calls are itemised and listed. The bills are sent electronically in an easy to use and flexible Excel format. This means that the information can be used in any way you wish, for example: - imported into in-house spreadsheets, sorted by different categories, date, length of call, destination etc.

  • per second billing
  • itemised bills showing all calls
  • available in Excel format for ease of use and flexibility
  • No fixed term contracts

After the minimum 30 day trial, ITC will not tie you in to a fixed term contract. We believe that our highly competitive rates, excellent customer service and regular reviews are what our customers really want. ITCs flexible and customer friendly service ensures customer loyalty and commitment.

  • Regular rate reviews

Our Account Managers regularly review your call rates to ensure that they remain competitive.

  • Service Resilience

ITC has 3 Tier 1 partner networks all offering the highest levels of service and resilience and excellent value for money. Our calls are not compressed and so offer the highest quality.

Porting process.

Our porting desk can be contacted on the following numbers;

Telephone: 0330 333 02 01

Fax: 0845 1 269 269

The rules for transferring numbers are set out by Ofcom (The industry regulator). You must ensure that there are no outstanding bills payable to your old account. There is no need for you to contact your existing service provider. The single transfer request covers activation of your new account and disconnection of your old one. You will receive communications from both parties confirming your requests. For further information please contact us or call 0800 160 1111.

To begin the porting process, you must submit the following documents to the ITC porting desk:

  • Porting request form

Our completed porting request form, printed on to your company headed notepaper. Please ensure that you include the numbers that you wish to port and the corresponding delivery numbers. We also require details of any intelligent routing associated with these numbers. Complex routing may extend the lead time as any routing plans must be in place before the porting is completed.

  • Copy of a recent invoice from your current supplier

A copy of an invoice from your current supplier, dated within the last 3 months, for the number(s) that are to be ported. This provides us with exact details of your Company name, account details and address and will expedite the porting process.


Once we have the completed documents, the process usually takes 7-10 working days.


Can I port my number to ITC?

ITC have one of the widest ranges of porting agreements in the UK, incorporating most service providers. For a full list, please see 'Why should I port my numbers to ITC' section above.

What will it cost to port my numbers to ITC?

Moving your numbers to ITC is free, quick and easy.

Isn't the process very difficult?

Once ITC have your authority to port your numbers via a signed porting request form we will take it from there.

Will there be a disruption in service?

No. The porting process is designed to be seamless with no disruption to your telephony service.

If you would like one of our telecommunications consultants to contact you for further advice, please email contact@it-cts.com with your details.

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