Network Services

Exchange Lines

ISDN - Integrated Services Digital Network

ITC provide this fundamental network service quickly and simply. No fuss and no long order times.

ISDN30 can be provided with a minimum of 8 channels and up to 30 channels with multiples thereof.

Provides a simple one bill solution for lines and calls.

ITC offer a real alternative to BT for competitive pricing and excellent service. A dedicated account manager is assigned to each customer and with a dedicated service manager working with them in the customer service centre.

  • Monthly Billing
  • Minimum contract 12 months
  • Itemised calls in an email, if required.

Private Network Services

Network Services provided in partnership with Kingston Communications one of the UK’s leading network service providers with a UK wide Tier 1 Fibre network.

ITC provide Private Circuits or Leased Lines for a wide range of functions and applications.

Leased lines are used by companies and organizations that have a need for a dedicated fixed bandwidth connection between two points for voice, data or internet traffic.

For companies that need to link two or more sites with an always on connection. This service provides a solution that is much more reliable that the internet.

For voice and data private networks ITC offer dedicated circuits, no sharing, guaranteed bandwidth and a permanent connection.

To link PBXs to form a voice system network that allows multiple systems to act as one. Link Call Centres together for maximum optimization of resources.

LES - LAN Extension Service

To link LANs in a wide area network for a seamless point to point service.

Leased Lines and Ethernet Lines can be provided with the following bandwidth:

  • 64K
  • N x 64k
  • 1MB
  • 2 MB
  • N x 2MB
  • 10MB
  • 34MB
  • 45MB
  • 100MB
  • 155MB
  • 622MB
  • 1000MB
  • 2.5Gb
  • Fibre Channel 1.06Gbit/s
  • Gigabit Ethernet 1.25 Gbit/s

Circuit Presentations available:

  • X21
  • RJ45
  • BNC
  • G703


  • One simple installation charge
  • A fixed annual rental with no hidden extras
  • Minimum contract term 12 months.


Installation leadtimes 20 to 40 working days from receipt of order.

Information required for cost effective quote

  • Type of circuit
  • Postcodes of A End and B End
  • Bandwith required
  • Type of presentation required

Please call for a quotation within 48 hours

If you would like one of our telecommunications consultants to contact you for further advice, please email with your details.

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Please Note - To ensure ITC provide our valued customers with the highest levels of service our minimum call threshold per client is 5,000 call minutes per month.

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