0844 Numbers

Advertising an 0844 number gives your business a "local feel" whilst still maintaining a national presence.

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Your 0844 number is directed to your existing geographic telephone number. Should your company relocate, you can take the 0844 number with you. 0844 numbers can easily be re-diverted to any UK land line number using our online control panel.

0844 Call Charges

With OFCOM announcing the planned end of "0870 Revenue Sharing", 0844 numbers are a viable alternative for customers with large call volumes who would like to continue to generate call revenue - we'll pay up to 2.5p per minute for high usage business customers.

0844 numbers have been introduced by Ofcom relatively recently. The 0844 cost range can be charged at 2p per minute, 3p per minute, 4p per minute or 5p per minute.

The 5p per minute 0844 call charge has to date been by far the most popular call range, with many customers moving from 0870 to 0844.

As such, 0844 is an extremely cost effective option for encouraging your customers to call you.

Benefits of 0844 Numbers
  • Incentive for customers to call
  • Increase your advertising response
  • Conveys a more professional image
  • Creates a revenue stream
  • Your number is portable and will never change

If you would like one of our telecommunications consultants to contact you for further advice, please email contact@it-cts.com with your details.

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