Introduction - the future is 03

OFCOM, the UK Telecommunications regulator, has created the new 03 UK Wide number range to improve trust and confidence in UK phone numbers.

03 numbers are intended for use by public service organisations, charities and companies that want a national presence, but who do not wish to make an additional charge to customers for contacting them.

03 UK-wide numbers have been introduced as an alternative to chargeable 08 phone numbers such as 0845, 0870 and 0871 Numbers. Consumers have a clear understanding of the price that they are paying for a call to an 03 number, as the cost of calling is the same as calls to geographic numbers (normal landlines starting 01 or 02).

Telecoms operators are required to offer the same discount schemes that currently apply to geographic numbers. All Operators have the flexibility to adjust their bundled and all-inclusive prices for calls to 01, 02 and 03 numbers. OFCOM has also requested that calls to 03 numbers from mobiles and payphones are treated in the same way as calls to normal landline numbers.

A main advantage of using 03 UK Wide numbers rather than geographic numbers is that enhanced services can be provided such as; call statistics, routing plans, advanced call plans and disaster recovery solutions. 03 numbers can also be given out as the number that identifies your call (CLI) to the number that you have dialled (this product is called 'presentation number' and can be supplied by your outbound call supplier).

No Revenue Sharing on 03 UK Wide numbers

Revenue sharing is not permitted on 03 numbers. Many consumers have been unhappy that some organisations who use 0870 and 0871 numbers receive a share of what the consumer pays to make a call. 03 numbers are therefore likely to be perceived as being more ethical and customer friendly

03 UK Wide numbers

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