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Keeping apace with the demand for new telephone numbers is a constant problem in the UK.

Due to the ever expanding population, uneven growth in the UK, and technological advances, geographic STD codes are frequently changed, or ranges expanded to include another digit. Similarly, the management of non geographic number ranges has historically been problematic. The traditional solution has been to release a further 08xx number range to address a shortage.

0800 was a particular problem because originally, six digit 0800 numbers were released. This necessitated the launch of 0808 numbers as an additional free call range.

The new 03 UK Wide numbers recently launched by Ofcom have been designed with the future in mind. Ofcom wanted to address both the issues of consumer confidence in UK phone numbers and also that of the potential future shortfall in other non geographic number ranges.

Ofcom also believe that the introduction of a new non geographic service is less confusing for the consumer than releasing further levels of the 08xx ranges. The controlled release of only 4 levels at launch, 030, 033, 034 and 037 will help avoid future shortfalls.

03 UK Wide numbers

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