03 - A non geographic number with a difference

UK Wide or 03 numbers are a new, non-geographic range offering all of the features and functionality of non geographic numbers, but with the positive marketing image and customer service benefits of geographic numbers.

03 numbers from ITC offer the following benefits to your company:

  • A National presence - one number can be advertised UK- wide.
  • A positive marketing image - Through using 03 numbers, your company ensures that customers feel encouraged to call you. As calls to 03 numbers can be included in both landline and mobile call packages, the majority of calls will be at no additional charge to your customers. For other callers, the standard national call rate will apply.
  • Call statistics - Various options and formats are available. You have the choice of: access to online call statistics or weekly email reports.
  • Intelligent Routing - We can work with you to set up a plan for call routing. Calls can be routed to different teams, numbers or even offices according to the time of day or day of the week. Divert on busy, or no answer after a preset number of rings and geographic routing are also available.
  • Call Recording - Incoming calls to your business can be recorded using an 03 number and Call Recording+ from ITC. Following our quick and easy set up process, all of your inbound calls are recorded and stored off site - no equipment is required at your premises and no IT resource is needed.
  • Disaster Recovery - For many businesses, their inbound telephony numbers are integral to their disaster recovery plan. A network based plan provides a service that is secure, flexible and controllable. It can be implemented quickly and easily.

Benefits to your customers:

  • Confidence that calls to 03 numbers are included in landline and mobile free call packages, and outside of this, can only be charged at the rate of a national call.
  • A single, memorable number to call.
  • Advertising an 03 number provides reassurance about your companies' customer service ethos.

03 numbers from ITC enable your company to present a highly professional and welcoming interface to your customers; retaining the call handling and management functionality of non geographic numbers with the customer service benefits associated with 03.


03 UK Wide numbers

If you would like one of our telecommunications consultants to contact you for further advice, please email contact@it-cts.com with your details.

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