A History of Kingston Communications

Kingston Communications is both a unique and long established Telecommunications Company, formed over a century ago as a department of the Hull Corporation.

Serving over 200,000 customers in East Yorkshire, Kingston Communications provides a comprehensive range of communications solutions to both business and residential customers.

A pioneer in the development of ADSL Broadband technology, Kingston Communications established telecommunication infrastructure, skilled personnel and customer-focused operations has meant the brand has become synonymous with quality, reliability and innovation

Kingston Communications has been around for over a century, wholly owned by the local authority right up until 1999's flotation. Key events in their history include:

1882 Called on to support the establishment of a local telephone service, just 28 of 600 local businesses declared their enthusiasm.

Invited to bid for telephone licences, only 55 of 1334 local authorities expressed an interest. Hull Corporation, part of the City Council, was among them, and in 1902 gained its first licence to operate services in the Kingston upon Hull area.

1904 The Hull Telephone Department opens its first exchange at the former Trippett Street Baths.

1914 Hull's bid to renew its licence was made conditional on the £192,423 purchase of National Telephone networks infrastructure. The council gave the go ahead, securing the future of the country's one remaining municipally owned corporation.

1954 To celebrate its Golden Jubilee, Hull Corporation produced Golden Pages, a Yellow Pages® forerunner printed on gold paper and distributed with the classified section.

1987 The Hull City Telephone Department became Kingston Communications (HULL) PLC, a company in its own right, though as yet still 100% owned by the council.

1989 Network conversion was completed, creating the UK's first all digital network.

1994 Torch Telecom - a joint venture with Yorkshire Electricity - is launched, offering telecommunications service to businesses across East Yorkshire.

1996 Kingston buys out Yorkshire Electricity's share of Torch Telecom, making it a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Kingston Group.

1998 Kingston acquires Teleport London International, the satellite services arm of the Services Sound and Vision Corporation, a charity which provides entertainment services to the UK's armed forces. Kingston's satellite services operation is renamed Kingston TLI.

1999 The Kingston Communications Group was partially floated on the Stock Exchange, though the City Council retained its interest with a 44.9 per cent stake.

KIT, Kingston’s interactive television service, is launched in Kingston upon Hull, offering customers digital television, video-on-demand, internet & e-mail and web-based local information via their television sets.

2000 Torch Telecom expands its network into the East Midlands and the South Midlands.

2001 The company's long-distance national fibre network is completed and lit.

Kingston Communications acquires Milgo Solutions, a leading-edge provider of data communications and managed network services solutions.

Kingston is awarded a Government Telecom Contract (GTC) framework agreement which will allow KC automatic entry on to a supplier shortlist for public sector bodies wishing to appoint a telecoms supplier.

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